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What we offer:

BioAssays Screening (PDF)

BioAssays Screening (PDF)

Assay development and set up

We can provide expertise and advice in setting up biochemical and biological assays, optimise these for high throughput screening, including volume minimization and transfer to 384-well format, and test assay robustness statistically.

High throughput screening of in house or external compound library

Suitable assays can be screened against our in house chemical library collection (approx. 15.000 compound), or against a library provided by the user.

Biosafety level 2 (GMO2) screening

We can directly work with biological species requiring a Biosafety level 1 or 2 (GMO1/2) on the screening platform. Assay types include fluorescence and absorbance based readouts.

Protein-ligand interaction screening

HT Differential Scanning Fluorimetry - (PDF)

HT Differential Scanning Fluorimetry - (PDF)

Based on our HT Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF) set up, we can screen compound collections for specific protein interactors.

Chemical library handling

We can advice on how to implement and store chemical compound libraries. We can also reformatting chemical collections into 96-array tube-based storage systems.

Service fees will be negotiated individually - please contact Jens Berthelsen