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Chemical compound collection

Compound Storage: 10mM, DMSO, -20°C

Compound Storage: 10mM, DMSO, -20°C

The chemical compound library collection has been built up in house. The collection consists largely of sub-libraries designed to target specific protein families. The library further contains commercially available collections of chemical compound with known structure and activity.

The automated chemical storage consists of a Kiwi robotic store (Liconic), fitted with a REMP tube picking unit. Chemical compounds are stores in 96-well REMP tube plate (REMP), with tubes individually 2D barcode labelled. This is integrated with a compound management database, 2D barcode plate scanner and 96-tube cap/decapper (REMP).

Currently the library consists of:

  • Biofocus diversity set containing sublibraries targeted towards Protein Kinases, GPCRs, Ion channels, Proteases, Purine binding Proteins and protein-protein interactions. (8000 cmpds)
  • NIH library of Approved drugs (450 cmpds)
  • LOPAC (library of Pharmacologically active compounds) (1200 cmpds)
  • ADAM/HDAC library, a library of non-hydroxymate metal chelating compounds designed to bind metal-binding proteins (900 cmpds)
  • Compound synthesized (300 cmpds)
  • Kinase late development Library (KLDL): A library designed to mimic kinase inhibitors in Phase III or clinical test (1000 cmpds)
  • Focused libraries: CamK, BLK, PKMTs, ADAM12 (700 cmpds)
  • Calbiochem InhibitorSelect library of known kinase inhibitors (244 cmpds)
  • DOS chemicals from DTU (300 cmpds)
  • Other various compounds (250 cmpds)